Monday, 15 May 2017

How to check your case status on CEAC?

Well, First of all, let me congratulate all the winners. I guess, you have been lucky, as the future of DV lottery is in the dark with the current US administration. Prepare well as if it is the last chance to pursue your American dream. In here we will be dealing with How to check DV visa case status on CEAC? First of all, before getting straight into the detailed procedure, let me give you a brief introduction about What a CEAC is?

CEAC a.k.A Consular Electronic Application Centre

CEAC or NVC visa status checker helps you to check the status of your DV cases filed at USCIS. CEAC is a website developed and handled by USCIS for providing real-time status of visa cases. Department of Homeland Security mainly handles it. 

Well, here it is, How to check your CEAC visa status?

You can access the website through the following link. Click on the link for entering the CEAC taken status checker. For checking your CEAC visa status, you need to get into the case number without the leading zeros. A typical case number looks as such 2017BF000012305, and the bolded zeros are the leading zeros which have to be removed before you are on to a status check. So after removal, your number looks something like this 2017BF12305. CEAC data won't be available initially, i.e during the time of registration, but slowly they will start updating the website with the status. 

CEAC returns the status check with several codes, here is what you should interpret from the codes. 

Initially status, whenever your enter your case number, will be AT NVC, you can ignore this code as your application is still with the NVC centre for cross-examining. There are several reasons why you are returned with AT NVC code. Here are the few reasons.

  • NVC centre hasn't started processing your case.
  • The case is current, but the DS260 form is missing, or it is yet to be processed. 

“In Transit” -  In Transit code is shown for a short period, it is beleived that KCC has scheduled the interview and transferred your case to the embassy for further procedure.

“READY” - This means, your file have reached the embassy for further procedures and you can expect the interview call anytime soon. A ready code is always shown after the In transit code.

“Issued”  – This is the party where you are happy seeing the code. This system means the interview has took place and was successful.

“Refused” This status means, your case has been refused by the embassy. Hope you won't see this code as it may break your heart. However, if the principal is denied – all the derivatives are also refused.

“Administrative Processing” This code pops up when someone doesn't have adequate documents or requires some additional proofs during the interview. You should approach the embassy and submit the necessary details for getting a result.

 I hope you all loved reading my guide on how to check your case status on CEAC NVC visa centre. Subscribe us and stay tuned with us for further updates on Diversity Visa and other US immigration news.


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