Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Important Dates for DV Lottery 2018

DV lottery 2017 results have published few weeks back and people who weren't admitted during the last intake can try for the next intake. DV Lottery 2018 is expected to open 50,000 positions. DV Lottery 2018 or DV 2018 is the forthcoming US green card lottery intake. In this article we will be sharing some of the most important points and dates for applying DV Lottery 2018.  This program will select nearly 100,000 applicants as winners and will issue nearly 50,000 American Immigrant visas for the eligible winners after processing their visa applications and checking their eligibility under the draw rules.

DV Lottery 2018 Application Dates 

Before getting deep into DV Lottery 2018 let me give you a brief overview on the selection procedure. We in here have already shared few points on our article Things to remember before applying for US Greencard lottery.

Applications for the next US greencard lottery will be available from October 2018. Follow us for getting latest updates on DV Lottery 2018

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