Thursday, 14 January 2016

Criteria for Participating in the US DV lottery Program:

Criteria for Participating in the US DV lottery Program

What are the age requirements for this Program?

Those receiving their Diploma certificate before the age of 18 can participate in this Program independently Those under 18 could only participate in this Program with parents or legal guardians Those between age of 18-21 can apply independently, with parents or legal guardians. In case of success either father or mother or the applicant can collect the Green card. Naturally, the chances of this group are 3 times more than others Those above 21 could apply as independent or with spouse. In fact, married couples have 2 chances for success.

What are the minimum qualification requirements for participating in the DV Program? 

12 years in education or 2 years of work experience or 2 years of training

Who qualifies for DV Program: almost every applicant ?

In general, every one is allowed to participate in DV Program except nationals of those countries where cost of immigration to USA is high » To participate in DV Program, your current nationality is not important. Important criteria  is the place of birth on the basis of current political map of the world. 

Countries that could not participate in previous year's Lottery

Please note applicants born in one of the following countries can not participate in DV lottery Program this year

Anguilla - Bermuda - Brazil - Canada - Cayman Islands - China - Colombia - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - El Salvador - Falkland Islands - Gaza - Gibraltar - Guatemala - Haiti - India - Jamaica - Mexico - Montserrat - Pakistan - Peru - Philippines - Pitcairn - Poland - South Korea - Turks and Caicos Islands - United Kingdom - United States - Vietnam - Virgin Islands, British 

Applicants born in above countries can only apply for the DV Program if their partners or Parents were borne in countries included in the DV Program or Parents of applicants were residents in above countries for a short period

Other requirements: The only other requirement is completion certificate of middle school (equivalent to high school diploma in USA) or 2 years of work experience(in the last 5 years) in a job requiring minimum 2 years training. The certificate is only required after success in the DV lottery Program. The certificate is not required when submitting the initial application 12 Years in education or equivalent work experience In case of married people, you must enter your spouse’s details and all children under the age of 21 All info relevant to your spouse and children must be entered in the application This does not mean that all members of family must immigrate to the USA. After success in DV lottery Program, applicant can decide on members of family who wish to immigrate to USA However, to prevent disqualification, in formation on all family members must be entered to the initial application form We believe you have a good chance of success in the lottery.

 In case you were not married, after winning lottery you will have 12 months to get married and your spouse is allowed to accompany you to the USA.


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