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DV Lottery 2017 - 18 : Results, Eligibility Criteria and Benefits

DV lottery a.k.a Diversity Immigrant Visa is a visa program in the United States of America. It is a method of giving away United States Permanent Resident Visa for immigrants. It is also known as Green card Lottery. The selection process is conducted by the Department of State. Normally, DV lottery / Green card lottery is issued to people from countries which have the lowest immigrant rates. A total of 5000 permanent visa is issued annually after a process of tedious evaluation and background check. Next year's result i.e DV Lottery 2017 Results will be published on May, 2016. If you aren't aware of the procedure for checking DV Lottery 2017 Results. Click on the link given below.

Check DV Lottery Results 2018

Green card lottery was started in the fiscal year 1995, according to the 1990 Immigrant act. The sole aim of US Green card lottery is to diversify the immigrant population in the whole of United States. Each year, prior to the registration procedure, they issue a list of eligible and ineligible countries of Diversity Immigrant Visa for the coming year. For Diversity Visa 2016 following countries were published ineligible : - China, India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Columbia, Haiti, Ecuador, Jamaica, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, South Korea, United Kingdom, Philippines, Dominican Republic and Nigeria. The registration period for 2016 DV entry was held between October 2014 and November. 

DV Immigrant Visa 2018 registration process will start from October 2016 and will end on November 2016. We in here will be providing details regarding Green Card Lottery 2018 registration, DV lottery 2017 results.

Over Years, the list of ineligible immigrants got changed, few coutnries got replaced by others due to the increased rise in immigration. There are a lot of scams and frauds relating to DV lottery Immigration. Let me make clear

We are no business agency or company providing any kind of services to DV Visa. We are here to help and solve your queries according to our knowledge.  This is not an Official blog or whatsoever, so kindly bare with us, If you find any kind of mistakes in our blog, feel free to point it out. 

 Frauds and Scams

United States of America has already warned the immigrants regarding the false claims raised by many Business Agencies and companies. First of let me tell you one thing, There won't be any extra preference to you if you have applied for DV lottery visa through a particular agency or company. Every one is treated equal, no one is given an extra edge. Think before spending too much money.

False emails and calls are one other ways in which these frauds trap potential dv immigrant applicants. Department of State has already responded on the rising fraud cases and emails, they have stated they Department of State will never call up you or mail you for transferring any kind of Visa Processing fees.  If you get any such message, forward it and notify the Internet Crime Complain Center about the scam

 If you want to know how to check DV Lottery Results 2017, follow the link given below. We will guide you with the procedure.

Growth of Immigrants in United States with DV Lottery

DV Lottery Immigration

DV Lottery 2017

US DV Lottery Eligibility Criteria 2018

There are certain eligibility criteria for US DV Lottery. One need to fulfill each and every DV lottery eligibility criteria for getting approved by the home department of United states as the competiton is getting tougher and tougher day by day.
First and foremost eligibility criteria to be followed is.

1) You must be a foreign national. Being a foreign national won't make you eligible for applying to DV lottery 2018. In addition to a foreign born, you must be from a country which has got low immigration rate to the United States of America. Certain countries are blacklisted or made ineligible because of the huge number of immigration rates. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that Immigration officials consider only your country of birth, not your country of citizenship ( applicable only to people having dual citizenship ) or current residence. Let's now have a look at the list of ineligible countries for DV Lottery 2018.

Ineligible Countries for DV Lottery 2018

  • Dominican Republic
  • India
  • China
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Jamaica
  • Philippines
  • Brazil
  •  Ecuador
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • South Korea
  • Nigeria
  • United Kingdon
  • EL Salvador
  • Haiti 
  • Vietnam
  • Colombia 
  • Peru
These are the countries which are blacklisted from applying for US DV Lottery 2018. The reason for in eligibility is the high number of immigrant population in the United States of America.  

Well, you can even apply for US DV Lottery 2018, If you are parents or spouse are not from the above-listed countries. 

2. Education and Work Experience  

You must have completed at least 12 years of studies either in United States or State equivalent school / university in any part of the world.  Having 12 years of education won't alone fetch you American Green Card Lottery. Always keep in mind that, it is the minimum requirement for applying.  

More the education more are the chances for getting US DV lottery. 

Next is work experience, for being eligible for US DV Lottery, you must have minimum 2 years of work experience ( regular ). Not all jobs are considered eligible according to the Home department of US. 

3.Minimum Age

As of now, there is no minimum age required for applying to US DV lottery. Since you have to complete 12 years of studies, a person under 18 years of age will get automatically disqualified even though it is not mentioned.

4. Death

If a selected DV applicant eventually dies before getting into the United States of America, his/her DV will be automatically revoked. i.e any spouse or children of DV applicant is no longer entitled for US green card. 

5. Location in US

If you are living in U,S, you can apply to DV Lottery / American green card by staying over there. 

Are you applying for US Green card lottery in the near future or are you waiting for DV Lottery 2017 results ? I believe both categories could make something positive out of my venture here on DV Lottery blog. If you are planning to apply for DV Lottery 2018, this is for you guys because this gives you will get a detailed idea on the benefits of having an US DV Lottery visa.

Benefits of US DV Lottery Visa / US Green Card Lottery 

Being a permanent resident in the United States of America is no little task but it worth every penny. This article of mine will give you a complete insight over the benefits of having an US DV Lottery visa. 

DV Lottery Benefits

First of let me get clear, Applying for US DV lottery or having US DV Lottery visa doesn't have any effect ( positive or negative ) effects on other visas or permits. You can apply for US DV lottery visa while applying for US H1B,J,K or any other visas.  

Pursue Your American Dream with US DV Lottery

With US DV lottery visa you can live, work and settle in world's most advanced and powerful nation, You can choose from a total of 50 states and enjoy the almost all benefits of a native. 

Study in US with Lower Tuition Fees

You are able to study in world class institutes with nominal tuition fees. If you have ever applied for any masters or undergraduate programs as an International student, you could feel and see the difference. A normal International student ( no scholarships ) pays an average fees of about $30,000 - $40,000 a year. On the other hand, natives and permanent residents will be paying somewhere around $5,000 to $10,000.

Get Employed in United States 

In most of the cases, you will be given priority like natives of America even though you are second grade citizen. Being a permanent visa holder of United States, you hold a good opportunity to work in United States without much problem of any H1B VISA.

Conversion of US Green Card to US Citizenship 

If you are a US Green card holder you will be entertained with almost all rights except voting rights. But after successful completion of 5 years in United states with DV Lottery visa you will become eligible for US Citizenship. 

With US DV lottery visa in your hand , you can freely move or travel anywhere in United States without any formal procedures. You will also be eligible for taxation, education, health insurances, social security and also other governmental policies. 

Every year, Home department of United States receive millions of applications. Out of that only fistful of applicants become eligible for US DV lottery. So before applying make sure you have everything in your hand. A minor error in the application may result in the denial of DV Immigrant status.

If you are planning to apply for DV Lottery 2018, you have to prepare you article carefully and submit it timely. A late submission won't be entertained by Home Department of US because of the tedious processing ahead. Subscribe us for getting latest updates on US DV Lottery/ Green Card Lottery. 

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  1. I'm a dv lottery selectee and have applied for a Visa on line in June 14th and submitted in Ghana. As at now I have not received any notice for an interview and I don't know why.