Saturday, 9 January 2016

How To Check Your Diversity Visa 2017 Result Online ?

Every year millions of people apply for Diversity Visa or Green Card lottery. Out of millions of applicants, only a fistfull ( 5000 applicants ) are selected for US Permanent Visa. If you are planning to apply for DV Lottery 2018, kindly go through our article on. 

DV Lottery 2018 - Things To Know Before Applying
Well, if you have already applied for DV lottery 2017 and is waiting for results this post will guide you on How to check your DV lottery 2017 results online.

dv lottery 2017 result

US Home department provides several types of visas like H1N, J , K and much more, out of these Diversity Visa is one of the toughest visa to get. 

How To Check DV Visa 2017 Results Online ?

In order to check DV lottery results, you have to log in to American Home Department's Official Website : Before getting too deep into the procedure make sure you have the following things in your hand. 

You must have your confirmation number for DV lottery 2017 for checking the results online. 

Once you log in to Home department's website, look for DV Lottery Result 2017. Most probably it will be in the main menu, once you find and click on it, a new page asking for your confirmation number pops up. Enter the required credentials. TADAAAA !! Your DV Lottery 2017 Result is here. 

Selected Applicants will be given unique case numbers. Case number shows which fiscal year in which you are allotted and the geographical location of your birth place along with the selected rank. 

I hope you'll followed my guide on how to check DV Visa status for the fiscal year 2017. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates on DV Lottery 2018. 


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