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www.dvlottery.state.gov/esc Entrant Status Check 2018

Diversity Visa for the fiscal year 2018 will be announced soon on www.dvlottery.state.gov/esc . So, if you are a person who doesn't know how to check eDiversity Visa Entrant Status, this article may help you in solving your problem to an extent. Follow this article strictly for checking your DVLotterry 2018 results which were announced in May 2017. 

forgot confirmation number

Check Entrant Status on www.dvlottery.state.gov/esc 

  • For checking your visa status, visit www.dvlottery.state.gov/esc
  • Click on Entrant Status check.
  • Type your confirmation number in the given space. 
  • You are also asked to fill up the forms asking for your name, date of birth and a captcha for ensuring that you are not a robot.
  • Click on submit after entering the required details.
What will you do if you have forgotten your confirmation number? 

It is impossible to check your entrant status if you have lost your confirmation number. The confirmation number provided to you acts as a password for checking your DV lottery results. Department of Homeland Security rarely sends notifications via mail or phone. 

If you have forgotten your DV lottery confirmation number, you can recover it by clicking on Forgot confirmation number. You need to complete the form for recovering your confirmation number. 

Following steps will help you to retrieve the number.
  • Choose the year in which you have applied for DV lottery. 
  • Fill up the form by entering the name of the primary applicant for DV lottery 2018. 
  • You may also need to fill up the date of birth (primary applicant date of birth).
  • Under the email address enter the email address which you have used for completing your DV lottery form. 
  • Fill up the captcha and press on submit. 
Your confirmation number will be emailed to registered email id. Use the confirmation number for checking DV lottery 2018.

Friday, 23 December 2016

When is DV Lottery 2018 Results ? What to do after the Result ?

All the applicants who have completed their DV lottery 2018 procedure are eagerly waiting for the results. Many of them are planning " What to do next " after the getting a green signal from Department of Homeland Security. Well, if these are your concerns, then you may read this article carefully for getting a detailed overview of the procedure.

DV lottery 2018 applications were closed in the month of November 2016 which means there are about six to seven months to wait for the results. When the submission period of DV lottery 2018 is over, KCC computers will randomly select about 100,000 applicants as selectees from over 12 lac for the next level.  Winning a slot as selectees won't give you the visas instantly but will allow you to apply for the regular immigrant visa procedures. Also, you must attend the visa interview where the American diversity visa processing fee is US$ 330 per person. Once received the entry permit they have to pay another payment of US$ 165 to the USIS, before they depart to the USA.

dv lottery 2018 results

Winners of DV lottery 2018 will be notified mostly via email, but in the rarest of rare cases they may contact you through FAX, Phone and may be via post. Participants of DV Lottery visa can manually check their results on the online results portal hosted by Department of Homeland Security. The United States. In our earlier articles, we have explicitly mentioned several points which have to be taken care of while applying to DV lottery. 

What to do Next After Winning DV Lottery 2018 Results?

If you are a winner of DV lottery 2018 results, you will become eligible for the next stage of the selection procedures which is a medical test followed by typical immigrant visa interview. 

It is important to remember that selection does not guarantee you will receive a visa. In order to receive a DV to immigrate to the United States, selectees must still meet all eligibility requirements under U.S. law.
After confirming your educational qualifications, you have to submit your application for Diversity Visa. The principal applicant and all family members applying for Diversity Visa Lottery 2018 must fill up DS-260 form before submitting the application. Filling up DS-260 forms may be quite confusing at some times. For filling up the form ensure that you have your DV case number with you. Online DS - 260 forms will ask you to fill up the online case number.  If your circumstances have changed after the selection process, for example, if you have gotten married or had a child, you will need to add your new family members to your case. (“Family member” refers to a spouse and/or unmarried children who had not reached age 21 before you entered the lottery.) 

If you have not included details about your spouse or other family members during the visa procedures, you will be summarily refused from entering the US. After filling the DS-260 form, you have to take the printout of the same for the visa interviews. You must bring the confirmation forms for the visa interview. Interview dates will be notified to you via email, keep on check the website for getting regular updates. In the next article, we will be sharing the most relevant documents which are required for attending Diversity visa lottery interviews. 

What to do after the successful completion of Diversity Visa interview? 

At the end of the visa interviews, you will be provided with a denial or acceptance. If you are denied, you will be provided with a fitting reason why you are ineligible for obtaining Diversity visa. If it is an acceptance you will be informed how and when your passport and visa will be returned to you.

If it is an acceptance, your diversity visa will be stamped on your passport, double check the stamped page for ensuring that it is error free. If there is some spelling errors or any other errors, you may contact the embassy for getting it corrected. It is always advised to correct the mistakes before leaving your homeland. Getting your credentials correct at the United States will take and may eat up your money.

You must enter the United States before the expiration of Diversity visa. Normally Diversity Visa has got an expiration of six months.

After getting accepted, you must pay the USCIS immigration fee to meet US Citizenship and Immigration services.USCIS will not issue a Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551 or Green Card) until you have paid the fee.

Ensure that you have all the required vaccinations taken from your home country before leaving for the United States of America. Always keep the complete vaccination records of your children and other dependents. You can learn more about the required vaccinations from the link : - Required Vaccinations.

I hope you'll loved reaing the article about DV lottery 2018 Results and What to do next after results. I guess you have got a brief idea about the next thing to do after the Diversity Visa Lottery 2018 results. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

List of Companies in India Sponsoring H1B Visa 2017- 18

Are you dreaming of a Hi-Fi life in the United States of America? So how are you planning to get into the USA, Getting into the United States have become a nightmare for immigrants ever since 09/11 incident? USCIS have changed their lenient immigration policies to a strict one. Nowadays, USCIS will reject application summarily if you fail to qualify any of the mentioned points. In the current scenario, one of the easiest way to enter the United States of America is through H1B sponsored visa. If a random company located in the United States of America is willing to sponsor your H1B visa, then the rest of the process is a catwalk. Today in here, we will be sharing a list of Indian companies who are willing to sponsor your H1B visa.

companies sponsoring h1b visa

Companies Sponsoring H1B Visa 2016/2017-18

The list shared here will help you to find the companies who are willing to sponsor H1B visas and the average salary paid by them.

RankH1B Visa SponsorNumber of LCA *Average Salary
2Tata Consultancy Services8,785$66,113
4Deloitte Consulting6,123$99,062
7Larsen & Toubro Infotech4,380$59,933
9Hcl America3,012$81,376
10Satyam Computer Services2,249$73,374
11Ernst & Young2,187$88,332
13Qualcomm Technologies2,121$105,169
14Igate Technologies2,056$67,168
16Deloitte & Touche1,863$71,611
17Oracle America1,773$113,065
18Cognizant Technology Solutions1,704$67,506
19Ust Global1,549$66,302
20Jpmorgan Chase1,243$105,751
22Ntt Data1,156$100,889
24Mastech, A Mastech Holdings Company1,030$89,350

From the table shown above, it is quite evident that Infosys India is providing more opportunities for their employees. Average salary paid by these Indian companies are quite low when comparing to US counterparts. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates on US immigration and US Green card lottery.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Will My child receive a green card if I win a green card lottery?

Hello folks, how are you doing, its been a long time since I have written something on DV lottery 2018. Today in here, I'm going to fix one of the hottest doubt about DV lottery or US Green card lottery. One of my friend abroad has asked me the following question to me.

Will my child receive a green card status, if I win dv lottery 2018 ? Well, I thought of sharing the answer with all my esteemed readers as this one of the important thing to know, if you have a child.

According to my knowledge, once you get a US green card lottery or DV lottery visa, you will become a legal resident of United States of America. According the rules and regulations mentioned in the Department of homeland security, you can bring your spouse and your children and later apply for their change of status as they are first degree related to a US Legal permanent resident. Technically the procedure would be quite easy for your spouse / children if you are a legal permanent resident of United States of America.

There are several things to be kept in mind for the immigration procedure of your spouse and child.
For bringing your children under your green card status, he/she should be under 21 years and unmarried. But what if a child of yours will turn 21 before the application process is completed?

Your child is still able to immigrate to united states of America based on Child Status protection act or CSPA. All you have to do is to count the number of days between the application and approval. Then subtract the amount from your child's present age.

Submitting DV Applications for Both Spouses in a Couple

It is extremely important to submit dv applications for both partners, if either is selected, the other can get a visa through the winner. It basically doubles your chances of winning.

The U.S. government now recognizes same-sex marriages for immigration purposes. As of DV-2015 (the entry period for which began on October 1, 2013), same-sex married couples can now list each other as spouses on a visa lottery application. The same-sex couple must be considered legally married according the the state or country where the wedding was held.

I hope you'll loved reading the article, if you have any doubts regarding the article, please use the comment form given below. We will try our best to clear all your doubts.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Important Dates for DV Lottery 2018

DV lottery 2017 results have published few weeks back and people who weren't admitted during the last intake can try for the next intake. DV Lottery 2018 is expected to open 50,000 positions. DV Lottery 2018 or DV 2018 is the forthcoming US green card lottery intake. In this article we will be sharing some of the most important points and dates for applying DV Lottery 2018.  This program will select nearly 100,000 applicants as winners and will issue nearly 50,000 American Immigrant visas for the eligible winners after processing their visa applications and checking their eligibility under the draw rules.

DV Lottery 2018 Application Dates 

Before getting deep into DV Lottery 2018 let me give you a brief overview on the selection procedure. We in here have already shared few points on our article Things to remember before applying for US Greencard lottery.

Applications for the next US greencard lottery will be available from October 2018. Follow us for getting latest updates on DV Lottery 2018

Monday, 7 March 2016

How To Edit Your Photo For DV Lottery 2018 ?

Are you preparing your dv lottery a.k.a US Green Card lottery application for 2018 intake ? Then you may be aware about the strict rules followed by Home state department of United states while considering each and every application. In our earlier posts, we have already mentioned some of the most important points to be taken care of while filling out DV lottery applications. Today, in this post we will be providing a detailed overview on DV Lottery 2018 photo specifications.

dv lottery 2018 photo specifications

While preparing any application, one of the most confusing part is " Photo specifications ". Uploading a photo with wrong dimensions or wrong file size may even result in rejection of your applications. United States home department is pretty much strict in this, so people filling out DV lottery 2018 applications should not keep it lightly like any other applications.

DV Lottery 2018 Photo Specifications 

The photograph submitted to the home state department should adhere to the following criterias. For the ease of readability, I'm listing down some of the important points to be taken care of while uploading photographs.

  • Photographs must be recent, i.e it should be taken within the last 6 months. 
  • A digital photo of you, your spouse, children  ( if any ) must be submitted along with E-DV lottery 2018 application.

  • The image must be taken with the help of a Digital camera, not by some Mobile or VGA cameras.

  • Original aspect ratio of the image should be preserved.

  • No sort of digital editing should be done on the image.
These are some of the most important points to be known before uploading your photograph to E-DV lottery website. 

Now's let's have a look at the photo specifications for DV lottery 2018 application.

E-DV Lottery 2018 Photo Specifications
  • The person should look straight to the camera, i.e he/she must look straight forward to the camera.

  • The head of the person should not be tilted up, down or to the sides.

  • The facial region size (measured from the top of the head, including the hair, to the bottom of the chin) must be between 50 percent and 69 percent of the image's total height. The eye height (measured from the bottom of the image to the level of the eyes) should be between 56 percent and 69 per cent of the image's height.

  • The photograph should  be taken with light or neutral background. Dark colours aren't acceptable.

  • The person should not work any decorative items like Sun glasses, Hats, Head coverings and other items which would covers your face/ head. However hats and head coverings are allowed if it is worn as a part of religious belief.

  • The photographs should be color, photos should be scanned and uploaded to E-DV lottery in 24-bit color depth mode / true color mode.

                                Image File Format:


                                  Image File Size:

240 kilobytes 
  Image Resolution and Dimensions:

600 pixels (width) x 600 pixels (height) - are Minimum acceptable dimensions. Image pixel dimensions must be in a square aspect ratio (meaning the height must be equal to the width).

                          Image Color Depth:

24 bits per  pixel, Image must be in color. [24-bit black and white or 8-bit images will NOT be accepted].

I hope, my article on DV lottery photo specifications have helped you in filling out DV lottery 2018 application. Still having confusion on filling DV lottery applications ? Don't worry, comment below or contact me using my email id mentioned in the about us page. Subscribe us and share your feedbacks with us. 

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Criteria for Participating in the US DV lottery Program:

Criteria for Participating in the US DV lottery Program

What are the age requirements for this Program?

Those receiving their Diploma certificate before the age of 18 can participate in this Program independently Those under 18 could only participate in this Program with parents or legal guardians Those between age of 18-21 can apply independently, with parents or legal guardians. In case of success either father or mother or the applicant can collect the Green card. Naturally, the chances of this group are 3 times more than others Those above 21 could apply as independent or with spouse. In fact, married couples have 2 chances for success.

What are the minimum qualification requirements for participating in the DV Program? 

12 years in education or 2 years of work experience or 2 years of training

Who qualifies for DV Program: almost every applicant ?

In general, every one is allowed to participate in DV Program except nationals of those countries where cost of immigration to USA is high » To participate in DV Program, your current nationality is not important. Important criteria  is the place of birth on the basis of current political map of the world. 

Countries that could not participate in previous year's Lottery

Please note applicants born in one of the following countries can not participate in DV lottery Program this year

Anguilla - Bermuda - Brazil - Canada - Cayman Islands - China - Colombia - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - El Salvador - Falkland Islands - Gaza - Gibraltar - Guatemala - Haiti - India - Jamaica - Mexico - Montserrat - Pakistan - Peru - Philippines - Pitcairn - Poland - South Korea - Turks and Caicos Islands - United Kingdom - United States - Vietnam - Virgin Islands, British 

Applicants born in above countries can only apply for the DV Program if their partners or Parents were borne in countries included in the DV Program or Parents of applicants were residents in above countries for a short period

Other requirements: The only other requirement is completion certificate of middle school (equivalent to high school diploma in USA) or 2 years of work experience(in the last 5 years) in a job requiring minimum 2 years training. The certificate is only required after success in the DV lottery Program. The certificate is not required when submitting the initial application 12 Years in education or equivalent work experience In case of married people, you must enter your spouse’s details and all children under the age of 21 All info relevant to your spouse and children must be entered in the application This does not mean that all members of family must immigrate to the USA. After success in DV lottery Program, applicant can decide on members of family who wish to immigrate to USA However, to prevent disqualification, in formation on all family members must be entered to the initial application form We believe you have a good chance of success in the lottery.

 In case you were not married, after winning lottery you will have 12 months to get married and your spouse is allowed to accompany you to the USA.